Saturday, May 29, 2010

How To Introduce Yourself : General Occasions

Hi friends,
This is an attempt to find out the best ways to get introduces yourself in many occasions. This article consists of three parts, i.e. General Occasions, Interviews and Informal.
While introductions come easy to the extrovert, the introvert will go as far as feeling anxiety when surrounded by people whom they do not know. Some tips to try:

  1. Eye Contact: Look people straight in the eyes - eye contact is important because it shows that you care and also shows self confidence. Begin with "I'd like to introduce myself" so that you have the other person's attention when you say your name.
  2. Smile: It is important to keep a nice, bright smile (and fresh breathe too). Your smile is your icebreaker; it draws people to you because you will look like a happy, stable person.
  3. Handshake: A firm handshake, once again, demonstrates your self confidence, but be sure you don't break the other person's arm or hand (try squeezing slightly with your fingers and not your thumb). Just a squeeze and control hand shake, you will definitely gain your confidence.
  4. Full name: Say your full name and immediately ask for theirs - then repeat their name while saying - "it's a pleasure to meet you John" or "nice to meet you Jane" - repeating the person's name will help you remember their name and again, will also show you care. Have a Great Conversation. Make sure you introduce with both first and last names.
  5. Nickname: Giving a Nickname is absolutely ok, but never appropriate to say your name is your nickname. It is an awkward joke if you consider it a joke. Always give notice it's a nickname, i.e. "My name's Mike, but they call me 'The Situation'." Or "my name is Nicole, but they call me "Snooki"
  6. More: You may tell a little bit of your background in order to start your conversation.
  7. Focus: In your conversation, do not forget to talk on topics in which the other person is interested in.
  • Never criticize.
  • Tell your positives but don't tell your negatives unless they ask.
  • Keep a napkin or tissue nearby to avoid shaking with a sweaty hand.
  • Keep your focus on the person you are meeting - give them the respect you would like to receive.
  • Keep a positive attitude.
  • Avoid eating anything that might stick to your teeth
  • Take small bites of appetizers so that you never get caught with a mouthful.
  • Don't speak when your mouth is filled with food.
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