Friday, February 4, 2011

2011: Growth in Telecommunication and impact on Society

Telecommunication can be defined as the transmission of information, over significant distances, for the purpose of assimilation and understanding. Whether it’s a rural area devoid of basic facilities or an urban area with all sophistication at the finger tips, its impact on social, cultural and economic horizons of the society is immense. 
Economic impact:
The evolution of e-commerce and the subsequent ease of transactions led to a completely new experience in banking, online retail and customer servicing. For example, the success of Amazon, Walmart and eBay has led to a revolution in the world of online retail. It is projected that in the next two years, more than 50% of the global population will have access to such transactions.

At the same time, in rural areas, telecommunication provides maximum benefits to local vendors in terms of matching their product prices with distant wholesalers. The effect of telecommunication has even been felt on agriculture, and it is now easy for farmers to receive expert advice and tips through call centres. Rural hospitals are now better connected through tele-medicine facilities, and life expectancy has improved due to better medical care obtained through such facilities.
As always, the advent of advanced telecommunication methods brought along its unavoidable perils in the form of several online frauds and crimes starting from credit cards to bank accounts, identity theft to leakage of sensitive information.
Socio-Cultural impact:
Telecommunication has played a significant role in modifying social relationships. The transformation of social media from telegram to telephone to SMS to MMS has seen a significant transformation in the form of social networking and is set to witness robust growth. Introduction of 3G and 4G cellular networks in various countries will further fuel the social transformation to grow into new levels.
Telecommunication plays the central role in cultural conglomeration and allows access to global music, art forms and news. Distribution of information is nowadays instant, and people can choose from different sources. It can’t be denied that advanced telecommunications have empowered the global population with more choices in every field of daily life. Globalization has set the platform for such interactions on a large scale and growth in the field of telecommunication is set to further accelerate the process.
However, the negative impact cannot be overlooked. The passing years have seen a phenomenal growth in pornography and terrorism with the help of advanced telecommunication methodologies, and crime agencies across the globe will be entitled to use effective countermeasures.

Article written by Saktishree and Edited by Sayantan Paul

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