Sunday, November 27, 2011

What is the difference between BE and B.Tech or ME and M.Tech

A quite Sunday; and a post on education. Literally boring, isn’t it? It so happened with a small talk. A telecon with my lil’ sister.

I was talking with my younger sister in the morning and got a hiccup when she asked me about the difference between B.E and B.Tech. Thank God, my brain was working that time and wasn’t sleepy (which generally happens to this 250gm substance in the lazy Sunday morning) and I could utter the basic difference.

Later on I thought of typing few lines about it. Hope it may prove worth reading for some naïve.

A common question among engineering students and usually a question of argument between friends is what is the difference between B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) and BE (Bachelor of Engineering), which is better or have better scope. Similarly for M.Tech too, what is the difference between M.Tech and ME. I will try to present a reasonable and valid difference between these two.

First please note that there is NO DIFFERENCE between these degrees in terms of value and scope. BE and B.Tech have similar scope and future and on the same time ME and M.Tech have same scope future.

Now let’s dig the question little deep. If BE and B.Tech or ME and M.Tech have same value and scope why the names are different.

Right after independence of India we have two types of universities, one that offers degrees in many fields like Sciences, Arts, Education and Engineering too, and the second set of universities (were named as institutes) offer only degrees in engineering. Universities those offer other degrees along with engineering named their engineering degree as BE (Bachelor of Engineering) and Institute constituted for only Engineering studies named their degree as B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology).

Now as AICTE approve courses most of the courses are same and identical for BE and B.Tech. The universities those offering BE when started new courses named them to B.Tech too.

No degree, BE or B.Tech and ME or M.Tech is superior other others in terms of theory or experiment. BE and B.Tech or ME and M.Tech are same. Both of them are same and have similar scope and future. If there is some notification for BE, B.Tech’s are also eligible to apply and vise versa.

Hope I am not confusing. If you have better explanation, please feel free to leave tour comments.

Note: The above information is collected from internet and modified to suit the readers.

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