Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dear PM, speak your heart out at least this Independence Day

Dear Prime Minister,

On Wednesday, 15th Aug 2012, you will address the nation for the 8th time. I believe, the content of your speech has more words than the sum of all we hear from you during the rest 364 days.

It’s the greatest opportunity for you to share your thoughts and your opinions on issues that matter to you and to India, but sorry to say, each year you blow this opportunity. Please, make me proud this year, at least in speech, by speaking your heart out.

If you need my humble request, please sack your speechwriter, who gives you enough bullshit to paint a rosy picture of optimism which no Indian is able to digest. Errrr…you surprised, please read your last year speech and tell me, have you painted any color, except black, in the dreams you have sown in our minds. 

Last year, you talked about being optimist, but after one year, I really have no cause to feel, believe or embrace. You told us that you are concerned with many grappling issues and how you and your government plan to deal with them — and I waited patiently in the hope that you will, indeed, deal with them. What I got now, except disappointment and anger….

Listen to your heart. Make a departure this year. Stop treating Indians like idiots, stop the condescension. We are not fools, at least I am not. The bottom line is that I am tired of hearing this piece of fiction (bullshit) that is doled out each year.

You are managing a coalition government – I understand. There is a need to get many others on board to pass laws, change policy, etc. I know all that. But, I am sure; you do not need Mamata Banerjee’s approval or Mulayam Singh’s votes for the contents of your speech. If it’s so, the moment is not so far, when all other nations will say, “RIP India”.

I hope, you are listening…

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