Sunday, June 23, 2013

Uttarakhand Flood: What we can do

I know there are angers all the way, we are shouting at the govt. and the bureaucracy, and pointing fingers to all except ourselves. What I believe, we are equally responsible for the mess we are in at the moment, agree or not.

If you dont agree, simply read the news how a stranded woman tourist and her daughter were raped and murdered in Gaurikund area (Ghondhlu Pani village under Ukhimath police station)  of Kedarnath valley, incidents of harrowing activities of stealing from the dead — chopping off fingers to steal jewellery...and on and on....

However, this is not the time and place to show the anger...lets stand for our fellow citizens...

Here are few things that we all can do (I am doing), and I request you to join - 

Sending Relief materials to Uttarakhand (through Goonj and Uday Foundation): 

If you want to send some relief material to Uttarakhand, you may send those to the NGOs addresses, or contact me; I am sending the third batch of essential materials tomorrow. The fourth batch, hopefully, will be sent by Wednesday Next week. 

List of Locations for Goonj:
List of Locations for Uday Foundation: Help for Uttrakhand, C/O Parmarth Gurukul, Veerpur Khurdh, PO: Virbhadra, Rishikesh, Uttrakhand – 249202

Monetary contribution:

PM’s Relief Fund:  
Ok, if you don’t believe that your money won’t be used properly, donate to the two leading NGOs at work there, 

If you want to send some urgent relief materials, please have a look to the following materials

Urgent Relief Material

Dry Food / Infants food / Feeding bottles
Matches and Candles, Torch and batteries
Umbrellas & Raincoats
Blankets and Sleeping Bags
Tarpaulins and thick plastic sheets, Mosquito nets and ropes
Used or New Clothes
Sanitary napkins
Dry ration (primarily-rice, pulses, biscuits)
Cooking utensils and buckets
Torch and batteries, umbrellas
Water purifier tablets, crutches

 List of Essential Medicine required
Oral rehydration salts
Zinc sulfate

Wound care
First Aid Kit
Hydrogen peroxide

Vitamin C
Iron Sulfate (FeSo4)

These things you can send to the NGOs at work via courier.

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