Thursday, January 1, 2015

Riddle/Lateral Thinking: Which way to go ?

Hi Friends, 

I am planning to add some riddles/puzzles/lateral thinking options to this blog. Read it and post your answers as reply to the post. I will be adding my answer if there are no correct answers after 10 replies. So let's start -

1. Which way to go ?

You're in a forest full of old banyan trees and banana trees. There are 4 exits (North, South, East and West). In the north there is a black hole waiting to swallow you up. In the west there is a hole in the ground too big for you to cross even by rope. In the south there are 3 hungry lions that haven't eaten for 3 months [and you know about the hungry beasts :) :) :) ]. In the east there is a giant stone slab that you ll need a rope and it ll take one day to climb and cross. 

Which way you should go to escape and how much time it 'll take?

Please post your answers as replies. 


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