Thursday, June 25, 2015

Let the shit hit the fan: What I like about Lalit-gate episode -

I hope, Lalit Modi is the antithesis of Anna Hazare with his Armani suits, his Rambagh Palace suites and jet setting exile in luxury. But unlike Anna, he is a consummate insider, now pains like appendicitis. And when an insider explodes, the shit hits the fan.
In a crucial time, Lalit Modi fallout renders one of the other Modi’s campaign promises hollow. It reiterates the Indian babudom, and as Shobha De says, “Sorry Narendra bhai, Log khaaengey bhi, aur khilayenge bhi. That is how it works in our Bharat Mahaan.”
But for one thing at least, let’s give Lalit Modi this much credit. The burra log have realized that sometimes all this khaaoing and khilaaoing can cause severe heartburn, and the excreta of the foul food can hound with all pungent smells even years after the meal.
Mr. Modi (not NaMo pls) might end up as a red-corner-notice bhagoda today, but my prayer goes for these kinds of double edged-swords and I hope for a few more Lalit Modis to come out of the woodwork, show some chutzpah and explode. Let me see a lot of red-faced VVIPs running for cover tomorrow. Let the shit hit the fan.

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