About Me

Me? Factually, a liar.....

I am not trust worthy, dishonest and you can honestly trust to find me dishonest. I ll always lie and have faith, I ll do that on my death bed. It’s the honest and so called good people who you must watch out for, I am honestly dishonest, truthfully liar and be on bet, I ll be as I am.

I believe LIE is the ultimate and absolute truth in the universe. See Truth is changing with time but LIE, with the change of time it is caring, loving and accepting the yesterday’s truth into its lap. Curdling and telling, dear truth, don’t worry, let the whole universe hate you and make joke on you as you became a LIE today, but I am yours, always yours, I knew you will come one day to me. Believe me I will not let you out to the world of TRUTH which has no meaning, no heart but a language full of worthless alphabets.

May the Lie love the Truth Forever?

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